Baltic amber is a natural fossilized resin that is derived from specific trees that were better known in the ancient times. The benefits of Baltic amber was first discovered when the tree would preserve itself from infectious diseases. It is later that the resin was associated to having some medicinal value and hence many of its advantageous uses discovered. Baltic amber is used in art, for medicinal use, and for beauty. Among the many benefits of Baltic amber, that trend most is the fact that it contains healing elements that even many drugs have been made out of its contents.

The benefits of Baltic amber as a healing element include

  • It contains succinic acid which was used as an antibiotic hence its medicinal nature
  • It is a body cleanser and an energy booster. one can count on Baltic amber to boost the immune system of the body by combating any symptom of ailment
  • It enhances fast wound healing
  • It is strengthens and restores back one’s memory
  • It attends to problems like fever, abdominal pains, throat, liver, stomach and joint issues.
  • Brings balance to the body
  • With Baltic amber, stress is not an issue since it is able to detect distress in the body hence bringing calm

Necklaces AmberThe benefits of amber as a jewel come in a unique way since Baltic amber for long has been known to have special powers of bringing luck, success and calm to people. It is such reasons that people hold Baltic amber jewels with great passion.

  • Baltic amber is used to make amber teething necklaces that resemble a normal jewel but it has its specialty. It is used by mothers on their babies to relieve pain, fever and discomfort during the teething stage
  • To babies amber teething necklace boosts the immune system, relieves pain hence bringing back calm
  • It is a natural energizer
  • As a jewel, Baltic amber has been used to make bracelets, brooches, necklaces and earrings. This has allowed many to make income out of it
  • Wearing amber protects one from the negative influences of electrical equipments like microwave ovens, computers, mobile phones etc

It is important to observe safety as your baby wears the teething necklace. Though the necklace is made of tiny beads that makes it hard for them to choke, they can easily strangle when asleep or left unattended. Therefore, mothers should remove the necklace from the child in either of the two stated moments.

Other benefits of Baltic amber are:

  • It is used to make insect repellents
  • The chemicals found in the resin are used as an embalming agent and a disinfectant with drying properties. Doctors used it in the past during wars on soldiers who got wounds
  • Baltic amber products are affordable and drugs are found in local pharmacies especially in the European states since it was there where the discovery of Baltic amber first took place.

It has become quite difficult to establish genuine Baltic amber from fake since imitators have found a way of creating confusion to interested buyers. It is therefore wise to research on the genuine sellers, which is simple by enquiring from friends or via online.